Forests not only produce timber but also have other important functions; such as improving environment, conserving water resources and preventing natural disasters. Moreover, the utilization of forest resources and reforestation contribute a great deal to the social and economic development of local communities.
Responding to these functions of forest, Japan and Overseas Forestry Consultants Associate (hereinafter as "JOFCA") has its objectives to contribute to attain sustainable management of forest in developing countries and also Japan and then conserve the global environment by promoting conservation and rehabilitation of forest and environment and sustainable development of local communities, and also by developing human resources expected to engage in forest and forestry sector.  JOFCA has been challenging to tackle such global issues.


Forestry Mechanization Society
Japan International Forestry Promotion & Cooperation Center (JIFPRO)
Japan Greenery Development & Research Center
Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID)
Japan Association for International Collaboration of Agriculture and Forestry (JAICAF)
Aero Asahi Corporation
Individuals (3)


President Ozawa Fusho
Executive Director Kato Kazuhisa
Senior Director(Operation) Toyoda Takaki
Director of Technology Huang Shengze
Director of General Affairs Ando Kazuya

(As of June 2012)