JOFCA has a history of more than thirty years since its establishment in l978 and has been conducting consultation activities for over 300 projects covering more than 70 countries in the regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America. JOFCA has also taken part in the training courses for overseas counterparts in Japan.
The recent activities are as follows.

Consulting Service for JICA,
(Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Intergovernmental Cooperation Projects

In the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Paraguay, Kenya, Malawi, Vietnam, etc.

Study of Development Programs

In Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, China, Malawi, Madagascar, Vietnam, etc.

Grant Aid Afforestation Projects


Environmental Guideline for Forestry Development Project


Private Sector's Development Projects

In the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Is., Peru, Brazil, Nigeria, Thailand, etc.

Arrangement of Training Courses for Developing Countries' Personnel in Japan

Training in Forest Management through Coexistence
Training C & I and Forest Certification for Asia & Latin American Countries
Training in Sustainable Forest Management

Activities subsidized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

Silvicultural Study in Tropical Regions

in the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea,Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Honduras, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, etc.

Study on Forest Resources and Development

in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Korea, China, Brazil, Chile, Cameroon, lndia, Laos, etc.

Study on CDM Plantation

in the Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Paraguay, Panama, etc.


Consulting Service for FAO, ITTO,ESCAP, and other Organizations

Study of Tropical Timber Market in Japan,Korea and Taiwan(FAO)
Study of Tropical Timber Grading in ESCAP Region. (ESCAP)
Rehabilitation of logged-over forest. (ITTO)
Engineering Service for Dendro Thermal Power Project in the Philippines. (OECF)
Consulting for forestation equipment in Hanjian River, China. (Gov. China)
Consulting for Reforestation Program in Dac Lac Prov. (Gov. Vietnam)
Establishment of Plantation Method. (ITTO)
Enrichment Planting. (ITTO)
Study of Afforestation Project in Aravalli-Hills, India. (OECF)
Rehabilitation Project in Central Sumatra. (OECF)
Dissemination of New Remote Sensing Methodology Through a Semi-Expert System. (ITTO)
Optimum Utilization of Landsat Data for Enhanced FCD Model. (ITTO)
Study of Reduced lmpact Logging. (FAO)

Ground survey for Afforestation Project
Nursery establishment
(Survey on participatory watershed forest management)
Soil survey Survey on mangrove forest